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Exodus News, Issue #005 -- Pre-Release Events and Card News
August 05, 2014


It's been a while, but we're back and bringing you all the good news on the Exodus Trading Card Game!

We'd like to start off by informing you of the reason for less frequent updates over the past few months: we've been busy behind-the-scenes with booster packs. We can promise you that the 1st Edition booster set of Galaxy Tides is going to be everything you've been waiting for!

Now, we're kicking things off with the following announcements!

• Weekly Exodus Tournaments are now held at Leeters in Bakersfield, CA on Thursdays at 5:30 PM! Entry cost is 100% FREE and new promo cards are up for grabs as prizes!

• Game Theory in Raleigh, NC is running a Midnight Exodus Launch Party, going all out with tournaments and prizes on Aug 16!

Exodus is now on Twitter! Do follow us @ExodusCardGame

• Look for vendors selling the Exodus TCG at Frank & Son game show in City of Industry.

• The Exodus website is getting revamped, to include the new Galaxy Tides booster cards, new storyline, sliding banners, and overall better content for users. Give us your feedback!

Upcoming Events

August 29 - September 1 is the first Pre-Release of Exodus Galaxy Tides booster packs at Strategicon near LAX!!

You can pre-register for the event at the Strategicon website.

This will be the earliest opportunity to buy the boosters before they are released in stores in October. You'll also have the chance to play in official ranked tournaments and our new booster draft format! Be the first to play with all the new cards and take home what you draft!
Announcing the Featured Card of the Month! In this column we feature a new Exodus card every month.

Reversion is a Symmetry card commonly found in Dragon decks, and deserves every bit of this month's spotlight. Its high-tier effect would deem it as a Rare if it were found in boosters, however, this Starter-exclusive card is a staple that will see wide play and won't be reprinted in future sets.

It's already dual-duty and may yet have even more uses upon the release of Galaxy Tides. You can select 1 creature on the field and return it to the owner's hand, effectively leaving a blank pile of energy on your opponent's field and leaving them open for a direct attack! It's free to play, unlike Unsummon, making it great for quick removal.

With lots of new Ability creatures premiering in Galaxy Tides, this card is sure to rise in playability and value, and may even be worth using on your own creatures in order to trigger their Abilities twice!

Dear Retailers

Anime Universe, Universal Distribution, Southern Hobby, Warpath Games, and Mad Al Distributors are now taking pre-orders for Exodus products.

If you are interested in running Pre-Release events, please Contact Us!

Our Organized Play is currently in development and we will release more information as it becomes available. We are very excited to partner with you in making your store a premiere destination for the Exodus Trading Card Game!

We are working with other distributors to get it in their catalogs as soon as possible. If your distributor is not listed here, please ask them to carry our products.

Best Regards,
Jake Medina
Lexi Medina
Existence Games

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