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Exodus News, Issue #018 - Organized Play Press Release
January 26, 2018

Exodus News, Issue #018 -- Organized Play Press Release

Click Here for PRESS RELEASE Summary at iCv2; Official Announcement:

Existence Games is happy to announce official Organized Play for the Exodus Trading Card Game, starting February 2018. Sanctioned Events are to be held in-store for Constructed and Booster Draft formats, which will award participants with both Lifetime Points and Season Points toward invitation-only Championships. Players are invited to compete for exclusive prizes such as Champion Playmats, artist-signed cards and Limited Edition sketch cards.

Separate Championships will be held for Constructed and Booster Draft tournaments, each with their own qualifier circuit throughout each Season. Competitive Seasons will span 1 year (from Summer to Summer) minus two weeks to pay out additional player rewards and reset the Leaderboards. Season 1, however, will be a 'half-season' lasting 6 months to serve as the Open Beta. This will allow new sets released once per year to align with new seasons.

Exodus TCG Tournament Trophies

Retailers and TOs (Tournament Organizers)

The Event Result submission process for Retailers has never been easier. Tournament Organizers (TOs) can submit an event they run in 4 simple steps:

1) Login to their Store dashboard and click 'New Event'. 2) Update the Event Info by selecting the Event Type, Number of Players, Event Date and any public information or admin notes, if applicable. 3) Use the 'Player Search' function to add players by name or ID number in order of final standings; the system will auto-fill the Event Results page. 4) Mark which Guild each player was fighting for based on what kind of deck they were playing during the tournament and then click 'Submit Results'!

After the submission process, events are reviewed by Existence Games to ensure the event actually occurred. Events are accepted or rejected before Rankings are updated. The streamlined process allows Event Organizers to quickly and accurately report events so that they can get back to doing what they do best. Whether that's running demos or selling games in their store, we invite store personnel as well as the general player to apply to become an Event Organizer (as long as they coordinate and get approval from the person in charge at their local game store)! In fact, the easy-to-use system behind the Exodus Organized Play website ( was created by a programmer who has first-hand experience owning and operating a brick-and-mortar game store with a focus on trading card game tournaments.

Exodus TCG Store Login

Players can register for an Exodus Organized Play account for free on to start exploring the game's world of Eeventide and even join a Guild. Alternatively, a player ID number and instructions on how to finish setting up the user's account will be sent to their e-mail address after playing in their first event.

Exodus TCG Guild Wars

We've designed Exodus Organized Play to be an interactive experience. From unlocking new Drifter artwork icons on the Rankings to affecting the game's storyline with players' deck choices, every decision the player makes matters. There will also be ongoing 'Guild Wars' to show which Guild is currently winning the war on Eeventide at any given time. The 'Guild Wars' are represented by animated gauges which update daily based on confirmed tournament results. Incredible prizes are planned for each tournament season, with chances for the top players to earn Drifter character artwork illustrated in their likeness (and consequentially written into the storyline)! The first example of this can be seen with a previous year's Champion getting a Promo card made after him (Carter, Champion of Cardsmithing) along with a one-of-a-kind playmat. At a previous State Championship during the Closed Beta Test for Exodus Organized Play, the top prize was a 1st Place trophy with a Promo card sealed inside that has a secondary market value of $1,000 USD.

Exodus Carter Playmat

Exodus Carter Promo Card

To coincide with the launch of Organized Play, we are also pleased to announce the Exodus Emissary program. For this voluntary program, we are looking for motivated individuals who are familiar with the Exodus TCG to take the game to their friendly local game store(s) to run Demo Days and/or Tournaments and Booster Draft events. In exchange, Emissaries have the opportunity to earn rep-exclusive items such as Exodus lanyards and monthly Promo cards before they are officially released. The purpose of this program is to assist game stores with getting set up selling Exodus products and helping to establish a dedicated in-store community. We encourage players who are passionate about the game to submit an application on the game's main website (

Exodus Player Rewards

Official Prize Support will be available in the form of a Tournament Kit which will be made available to Retailers for $50 per kit.

One kit will supply 1 month's materials for 2 Tournaments and 2 Booster Drafts to help you promote Exodus The Trading Card Game!

  • Each Tournament will include: (12x) entry Promo cards, (1x) Champion playmat for 1st place, (3x) sets of 2 LE Sketch cards for top 3, and (3x) randomized Raffle cards.
  • Each Booster Draft will include: (6x) 20-card Energy Decks, (6x) sets of 3 entry promo cards, (6x) Galaxy Tides booster packs for top 4, and (4x) LE sketch cards for top 4

Event Kits will also include a Tournament/Draft sheet listing all materials, how to distribute them, and basic rules for running tournaments and drafts. Note: All Champion Playmat designs and LE sketch cards will be randomized. The Monthly Promo card included in the kits will be updated each month.

Exodus TCG Tournament Kit

New Monthly Promos

Now please enjoy these previews of upcoming new Promo cards for Organized Play!

Nebulawood Barrier Promo

Mortarbloom Liege Promo

Handbell Dancer Gravitas Promo

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Best regards,
Jake Medina
Lexi Medina
Existence Games

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