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Exodus TCG Set 4 Announced!
March 27, 2018

Exodus TCG, Set 4 Is Here!

Dear fantastic, treasured Drifter,

Is it true? Is this real?! Yes indeed--this is no portal mirage or chaotic trick of Eeventide! Set 4 has an official release date and is now getting closer and closer by the day! Here's a first-hand look at the new product and what's to come (that's right, it's a booster set!)!

Read The Official Announcement Here!

If you haven't already, click the link above to get all the wonderful details and that sweet, sweet release date for this expansion. You might've noticed, but we're tremendously excited beyond words to release this set and bring it to the shelves. Set 4 is truly our dream expansion, and we've packed a hefty load of new features, mechanics, and...surprises in here :) (You'll learn more about those "surprises" as time goes on!)

Because you're awesome and got early-access to this info by being a Newsletter subscriber, you get all this info before it reaches our social pages! This announcement will be hitting our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages at 7AM (PST) on 3/28, so jump over to the comments anytime after then to let us know your thoughts!

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Hope you're as stoked as we are for the new expansion! Be sure to give the announcement a read, and of course, and an absolutely AMAZING day and week! Play on!

All the best,
Jake Medina
Lexi Medina
Existence Games

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