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Exodus TCG - Regarding Emissary Applications
October 30, 2018

If You've Applied To Be An Emissary...

Good news! We've gone through our (very long) list of Emissary applicants and have officially sent out all replies! We do feel it necessary to apologize, as our busy schedule has kept us from getting around to these sooner, but we thank all of you who've submitted applications for your incredible patience :)

*NOTICE*: If you applied to the Emissary form before 2018, have not received a reply from us, and are still interested in the position, we kindly ask and inform that you will need to reapply, as we know that a lot of your answers may have changed since you first submitted.

To everyone else who filled out an Emissary form this year, check your email and make sure you got our response!



*Bonus Announcement*

We've brought back #CardOfTheDay on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so every day all the way until Dec 25, you'll see a featured Exodus TCG card from (Set 4) Converging Chasms! There's more to it than that though...

You'll wanna keep an eye out on these posts, because we'll spontaneously make GIVEAWAYS out of certain cards! There's no pattern or schedule for which days or cards we turn into giveaway events, so be sure to follow us and catch those free cards (because each giveaway only lasts for 24 hrs)! Did we mention: all of the giveaways are of ARTIST-SIGNED cards?!

You won't want to miss these--plus there will be plenty of opportunities ;)


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All the best,
Jake Medina
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