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Exodus TCG - We Need Your Help!
December 29, 2018

Hey! We Need Your Help—

Magazine Issue # 3 is coming out shortly, but before we can send it off to print, we need some of YOUR feedback to include in our "Player Talk / Q&A" section. If you're new to Exodus or to our magazines, this is a special article we include in each of our issues that's dedicated to the actual players of this game! If you're interested in having your voice heard and immortalized in print forever …

Simply answer any (or multiple) of the questions below ✨

by replying to this email

and we'll choose the best responses to include in Magazine Issue 3! (If you do only answer one, we prefer question # 1 😉) Thanks for your help :)


🔸 1.) What are your thoughts on Set 4 Converging Chasms? Please be as specific as possible (i.e your opinions on certain Abilities / effects and why you think they’re playable or not playable, impression on the overall direction of the game with this set, in-depth thoughts on the set’s artwork, card foiling, set size, etc.)

🔸 2.) What do you think about Harmony Rares? Please elaborate on your opinions.

🔸 3.) What’s your favorite thing about Set 4 Converging Chasms and why?

🔸 4.) What kind of new decks and / or strategies have you been able to pull off since the addition of Converging Chasms?

🔸 5.) What’s your favorite Guild thus far, and why? Please specify your reasoning.


Note: You can also submit your responses on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, or Amino!

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All the best,
Jake Medina
Lexi Medina
Existence Games

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