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Exodus TCG - Official Card Database Is LIVE!
May 04, 2019

Find Any Exodus TCG Card You're Looking For

Yo--have you ever forgotten the name of a card, wanted to see all existing cards in a certain set / Edition, or just wanted to see all cards by a certain artist? Well buckle up and get your search game on, because now all of that and more is possible! The Exodus TCG officially has its own FULL Card Database! 🙌

Search by card number, type, Ability name, card text ... whatever you'd like!

We understand the struggle of only remembering one part of card text and not being able recall the full Ability or effect ... or to only know half of a creature's name, but you need to reference it for your buddy across the table. It can be frustrating! Well those days are over, good Drifter--the Database is here to be your best friend.

Try using the "Edition" filter to see every Limited Ed. sketch card or promo card in existence! You could also use the "Creature Type" drop-down to see how many Mushfolk there currently are in the game ;) Do you have a favorite artist like COCOs? Use the Database to see every card that your favorite Exodus illustrator has done!

Eeventide skies are the limit!

Be sure to bookmark the Database and use it to its full potential as a valuable resource! We hope you enjoy it :)

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ATTENTION Competitive Players: Qualifier Events for Worlds 2019 are coming up quick! Now's your chance to make it to one of these to try and secure your spot for Worlds 💪
You got this!

TIP: You can now use the Database to help deck craft and strategize as you prepare for the competition 😉


*Bonus Announcement*

Ever wanted to see your favorite Exodus TCG art on a shirt, full-art print, sticker, bag, or even a clock?! We'll be announcing the full launch of an officially-licensed Exodus Merch store very soon--but as an awesome Newsletter subscriber, YOU get to see it first! Click the image banner above or check out the merchandise store here:

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