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✨ Exodus TCG Holiday Sale + NEW Promo! ✨
November 19, 2020

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Came Early!

Hey, happy early Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

We, along with many others, have started our holiday shopping early this year (to beat the absolute mayhem of the holiday mail backup — which is possibly at an all time high this year). Not only do we recommend shopping early to guarantee good shipping times, but we have to say: it just feels so darn amazing to have your shopping list checked off well in advance! Who needs that unnecessary stress around the festivities, right?!

That said, we're so stoked to open up our special 2020 Holiday Sale page a little early this year 🎄 And we'll be extending this exclusive storefront through the holidays, until the end of Dec 2020 — that way you, your family & friends have plenty of time to snag everything you like!



With this big sale event, we're also dropping an ALL-NEW promo — the final card from Set 5 "The Dimension That Disappeared"! 🤩🙌 Check it out:


Card Name: Distorted Lingerer

Type: Creature - Chrono

Ability: Manipulative Replay - When this creature enters play, you may target and activate 1 Ability on the field that triggers when it enters play.

Afterthought Ability: Whenever a player draws from a Deck, they draw from the opposite Deck instead.


✨ ✨ ✨

You'll get a playset (x2) of this terrifyingly fun card for FREE in our Holiday Package Deals! It'll also be available to play online in our Official Tabletop Simulator Mod :D

Early Shop Access:

The fun doesn't stop there — that's right! Since YOU'RE a super-special newsletter subscriber that we adore so much, you get early access to our 2020 Holiday Sale Page 🥰❤

We hope you find something that speaks to you, makes the perfect gift for someone on your list, or turns out to be a fun purchase to split with a friend! Enjoy, and Happy Shopping!!!


Other News:

✨ Exodus Online Deck Builder ✨

Thanks to two awesome players in our Discord, there's now an online Exodus TCG deck building tool that not only lets you search for cards & craft a deck list, but you can also export it directly to Tabletop Simulator for quick & easy TTS deck building! How epic is that?!

Check it out at, and if you're also in our Discord server, be sure to give @Brie & @PokeyCat a huge thanks for this awesome resource :)


Stay safe always, and have fun, wonderful Drifters! We hope this is the start of a cozy, game-filled holiday season filled with much-needed relaxation, quality time around the table & amazing memories 😍

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All the best,
Jake Medina
Lexi Medina
Existence Games

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