Converging Chasms Set List

The fourth set of Exodus, Converging Chasms, is the game's second booster expansion with a 100% new, 88-card set (113 counting both foil / non-foil versions of Uncommons). CC introduces new creature types, higher level combos and strategies, an all-new 3D raised foil texture on Secret Rares, and a new card and Rarity type with Harmony Rares!

Each individual booster pack contains 5 random cards; 3 Commons, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Foil card (Uncommon, Rare, or Secret Rare).

There are 12 packs per booster box; 12 boxes per case. A sealed booster box will contain either 8 Rares and 4 Uncommon foils, or 7 Rares and 5 Uncommon foils. Additionally, there are 2 foil box-toppers per box, giving you an extra chance at pulling that amazing Rare or Secret Rare!

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All 31 Rares in the set are foil!

There is a holographic and non-holographic version of all 22 Uncommons in the set!

There are 27 black-bordered Commons in the set.

There are 8 Secret Rares in the set that are hot stamped "SR".

"Grandaria, Forger of Songs" cannot be found in packsonly as the fixed box topper which is 1 per sealed booster box. The other 7 mystery SR cards can be found in the foil slot in packs, and are only found 3 in every 12 boxes / 1 case!

There are 3 Harmony Rares in the set that can only be found as case toppers. There's 1 Harmony Rare per case, which is randomized unless 3 cases are purchased together.

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