Galaxy Tides Set List

Welcome to the Galaxy Tides Booster Database! Each foil pack contains 5 random cards; 3 Commons, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Foil card (Uncommon, Rare, or Secret Rare).

There are 12 packs per box. A sealed booster box will contain either 8 Rares and 4 Uncommon foils, or 7 Rares and 5 Uncommon foils. Additionally, there are 2 foil box-toppers per box, giving you an extra chance at pulling that amazing Rare or Secret Rare!

There are 62 different cards in the Galaxy Tides expansion. The set is 100% new as there are no reprints in the Exodus TCG. Some cards are also available in foil or extended art. Collect all 77 versions!

All 25 Rares in the set are foil!

There is a foil and non-foil version of all 15 Uncommons in the set!

There are 20 black-bordered Commons in the set.

The 2 Secret Rares in the set are hot stamped "SR".

Efil the Everlasting Empress cannot be found in packs, only as the fixed box topper which is 1 per sealed box. The mystery SR replaces a random foil in a pack and is only found 1 per case of 12 boxes!

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