Set 6


The long-awaited, ever-mysterious & thrilling Set 6 is almost here! Can you believe Exodus' 6th expansion is finally happening?! Threshold of Time officially releases later this summer in 2021, but for now, you can reserve your boxes / cases by pre-ordering & guaranteeing that you get some of the very first boxes in the world :)

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Set  Contents:

Set 6 (ToT) is a 100% new, 79-card set that introduces a host of in-depth new mechanics & playstyles, features dazzling new foil treatments & brings fresh creature types into the spotlight! 

Counting both foil / non-foil card variants & Secret Rares, Threshold of Time offers a total of 110 unique cards to collect.

Our classic Exodus TCG pack-out rates will be continued in this expansion, with booster boxes containing 12 packs (+1 fixed foil box topper, 1 random foil box topper & 1 rule card); individual booster packs will contain 5 randomized cards (3 Commons, 1 Uncommon & 1 foil [Uncommon, Rare or Secret Rare])! 

Set Contents:

-          27 Commons

-          22 Uncommons

-          30 Rares

-          8 Secret Rares

-          1 Box Topper

Pre-Order Bonus Goodies

By pre-ordering Set 6 now, you'll not only get some of the first boxes of the print run, but we'll also treat you to a brand new Set 6 PROMO card! 

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Card Name: Legacy Vestige, Corrodestria

Type: Creature - Leviathan / Machine

Ability: Corrupted Transport - When this creature enters play and whenever it attacks, you may move up to 1 energy from each of your other Machines and Leviathans to this creature. 

Look familiar? It might! Legacy Vestige is the "upgraded" amalgamation of the classic Airship Corrodestria creature - which was Exodus' very first Ability creature, and one of the debut promos for the game. It's only fitting that we kick off Threshold of Time with the re-imagined 2.0 version of Corrodestria -- perfect for any upcoming Machine or Leviathan deck builds!

This promo is a pre-order incentive, and will be available as a free bonus during the duration of the pre-order window. 

Order a whole case of Set 6, and in addition to a playset of the Corrodestria promo, we'll also include x4 all-new, never-before-seen sketch cards from Threshold of Time, signed by the game creators Jake and Lexi! 

Each Limited Edition sketch card will be selected randomly from a pool of 8 possible Set 6 sketch cards (we'll make sure you don't get duplicates)! Remember, there's only 100 copies of each LE sketch card in existence, and this is your chance to get a nice chunk of exclusive collection pieces :)


All pre-orders will ship at the start of August 2021.

You'll receive an automated email with your tracking info once your package is ready to ship out!

(Set 6) Threshold of Time Booster Expansion

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Booster Box

Booster Case

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible support of us and the Exodus TCG! Our dedicated, amazing player-base is what keeps all of this going, and we're beyond stoked to finally bring you the latest and greatest game expansion. We have no doubt you're going to absolutely love Threshold of Time, and we can't wait for you to experience the vast new world of possibilities this fresh set has to offer!

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