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Exodus News, Issue #013 February Newsletter
February 03, 2016

Exodus News, Issue #013 -- February Newsletter

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February 2016 is here, and we have some exciting announcements to share with all of you wonderful players and supporters of Exodus! We’ll start off with some of our biggest news in saying that we’re thrilled to be attending the incredible Gen Con for the first time this year! If you’re in the area or plan on attending, look for our booth in the Exhibitor Hall during August 4-7. We’re going to have some sweet stuff presented at this convention, so don’t miss us!

Now Gen Con is a ways off, but no worries—this month we’ll be back at Orccon in LAX during the 13th and 14th. We’re really excited to return to this Strategicon, and we have a special new event planned for the players there. During this President’s Day weekend, we’ll be holding our final two Booster Draft Qualifier Events. The top 2-3 players that win these Drafts will receive a personal invitation to our Exodus Booster Draft Studio Championship!

All Qualifier Events for the Studio Draft have now been completed here in Fresno and Clovis, CA. So your last chance to get in will be at one of the two Qualifier Drafts held at Orccon. One of these Drafts is scheduled for February 13th, and the other for Feb. 14th. If you’re attending Orccon this year, find us up in the CCG room and don’t miss out on our Booster Drafts and Tournaments! Exodus Tournaments are always free to enter, and the Drafts are $15 to join. So get ready, because we’re prepared to have an awesome time with you guys at Strategicon this month!

For the lucky players who have already received their invitation to the Studio Draft Championship, the date for this event is scheduled for March 5, 2016 in Fresno, CA. If you win an invitation at one of our Orccon Qualifier Drafts, then be sure to keep this date open! If you’re looking for more information on this event and want to know exactly what’s going on, glance over at the Event Page here:

Exodus Studio Booster Draft

Announcing the Featured Card of the Month! In this column we feature a new Exodus card every month.

Victory, Keeper of the Order!

This beautiful antlered angel was forged by the Order Guild and has become quite iconic among her type. Though unequipped with blades like many of her allies, Victory wields the portals and stars that drift among Eeventide. Her most famous and well-loved attribute, however, may be her ability to protect other Order types as they hack and slash away at the opponent. Victory’s ability “Royal Decree” reads:

While this creature is on your field, your opponent cannot attack your other Order creatures.

Sounds pretty sweet! Essentially, your opponent has to take out Victory, Keeper of the Order before hitting any other creatures on your field that are Order type. So, if you’re building up say, a Legendary Blade Luhzarus, or a wall of Uncommon Orders to throw a devastating hit, they’re all untouchable by attacks until your Victory is gone.

Now hold up a minute. Victory protects all Order creatures, but she’s also an Order type herself. So what does that mean? If you have 2 Victory, Keeper of the Order on your field, then they now protect each other, which means your opponent can’t attack anything on your field that’s Order, including both the Victory’s! Looks like our good old friend Chains now has some competition in preventing attacks!

So until your opponent can Unsummon, Reversion, or use another Symmetry to dispose of one of your Victory’s, you’re protected from battle! We don’t call her Victory, Keeper of the Order for nothing!

In other cool news, did you know you can save money on Exodus products by buying in a package? You’ll get a discount on Decks, Playmats, and Boosters if you buy them as a bundle. Plus, we like to throw in some extra bonus cards in packages that you can’t get anywhere else! Check it out in our Store now:

Exodus Store

We hope everyone is doing well and we're looking forward to bringing you guys more awesome Exodus stuff soon! Take some time today and play a few rounds of Exodus with someone, and we'll see you next newsletter!

Jake Medina
Lexi Medina
Existence Games
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