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Exodus News, Issue #017 - October Newsletter
October 14, 2017

Exodus News, Issue #017 -- October Newsletter

Happy October, gamers! We hope everyone’s having a great month so far and are enjoying the beginning of fall season :) Some big and exciting things have recently taken place for Exodus The Trading Card Game, and if you haven’t heard the news yet, read on to get the buzz!

Convention Recap

Back in August, we attended the big GenCon50 (our second year now) and had an absolute blast, as usual! Day 1 of GenCon was the official release day of set 3, Crystal Forge, and with both returning and brand new players picking up the new competitive decks, you can only imagine how great the tournaments were.

Following GenCon, we returned back to our beloved Strategicon (Gateway2017) in L.A.X., and all of our awesome regulars—along with fantastic new players—got to see and experience Crystal Forge for the first time. One of our favorite things is getting to hear the personal feedback from each person and listen to what people like you have to say about our products. Whether it’s positive, not-so-positive, or just general ideas for the future, we treat it all as valuable and listen to you guys with open ears. It’s all part of building community and creating a good relationship with the incredible players and supporters like you that help make this game run. If you ever have feedback or your own ideas that you’d like to pitch, you’re always more than welcome to share!

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IcV2 Article

GenCon50 was great due to so many reasons, one of the major ones being an amazing opportunity with Gaming/Geek news site IcV2! While at the con, we were interviewed by the company’s remarkable managing editor, who did a great job putting together a piece for Exodus. Check out the article here (it’s not too long): IcV2 Exodus Article

TCG Player

Following our ICV2 interview, several employees from the popular site known as TCG Player found their way to our booth at GenCon, and after a few thrilling matches and conversations, we found ourselves shaking hands with these guys who were not only new pals, but new partners as well. Now, the Exodus TCG is up and live on and ready to rumble! We highly encourage you to check it out :) The folks at TCGPlayer have been nothing but wonderful to work with, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of how efficiently they do business and communicate. (And thanks for the swag guys!)

Video Spotlight

Some pretty sweet player-made videos have been uploaded recently, and we’d like to share a few of our favorites that we’ve seen! Give these a watch and stay updated for more Exodus vids!

Guest Speaking

Early last week we got the super fun opportunity to visit Caruthers High School (CA) and speak to the cool kids in business class. The students and their awesome teacher always give us a great time as we play some matches between classes and after school. It was a real pleasure to get to share our story of starting a business of our own, and bringing a little bit of motivation and inspiration to our peers! Thanks again for having us guys, and we looking forward to seeing you again. Stay wonderful!

If you have a classroom or event that you might like us to come speak at and/or demo the Exodus TCG, feel free to let us know--we're always open for new opportunities.

New Life Counters

Last week we also asked our Facebook followers the question: For the next print run of Life Counters, should we keep the current design, or create an all new one? More people ended up being in favor of a new design, so we’re happy to say now that the next Life Counters will feature fresh artwork from the new Crystal Forge set—and we guarantee it’ll be epic! More than likely we’ll start printing new Life Counter designs with each major set and/or guild release. Thanks for your input to those who voted!

Organized Play

Testing for the new OP site will continue through the rest of this month, and we’re still open for more beta testers! So if you’re a store owner/event organizer and would like to run Exodus tournaments and drafts, let us know that you’d like to join testing and we can approve an account for you. Feel free to roam around the site in the meantime as well:

Happy Birthday!

Finally, a big happy birthday to Exodus co-creator/game designer Lexi! Earlier this month she turned 18 :) This business was first started when she was only 12, and she worked to develop and grow the game while completing jr. high and high school online. She graduated back in June of this year and now works full time with her business partner, brother, and best friend Jake! During free time, she continuously works to sharpen her art skills and create more future illustrations for Exodus TCG cards!

We hope you all enjoyed this newsletter issue, and now that you’re caught up-to-date on the latest Exodus news, go pull out those decks and challenge someone to a match today!

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Be sure to follow Exodus, The Trading Card Game on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for more updates, pictures, and great videos!

Best regards,
Jake Medina
Lexi Medina
Existence Games

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