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Exodus TCG - Worlds 2019 Qualifiers & Championship
April 20, 2019

Worlds 2019 Qualifiers Are Here!

Hey! In case you might've missed it, the official Exodus TCG 2019 Worlds Qualifier Events have been announced! Whether you've just started playing Exodus, or are one of our seasoned players and are interested in competitive play, you'll definitely want to look into this.

Because whether or not you've been active in Organized Play this season, a Qualifier Event could send you straight to the World Championship--regardless of how many Organized Play points you have! Check it out:


- **TOP 3 will be awarded with automatic invitations to compete at Exodus Worlds 2019 in Fresno, CA, regardless of their points this season!

- TOP 3 will each receive metal certificates for their accomplishment.

- The Champion will receive a Champion Playmat.

- The Champion and Runner-Up will each receive 1 Booster Box of Galaxy Tides.

- Top 4 will each receive 1 Booster Box of Converging Chasms.

- Top 8 will each receive artist-signed cards.

- A random assortment of artist-signed cards will be raffled off throughout the event!

- ALL participants will receive full playsets of several promo cards!

- ALL participants will also receive a large folded poster of Set 3 and Set 4!


Take a look at the full schedule & info for Exodus Worlds 2019 as well!


We'd be both honored and tremendously thrilled to see you at any of the Qualifiers as well as the grand World Championship! These events, while competitive, welcome players of all experience levels, so grab your deck, bring your friends, and we'll see YOU there!


*Bonus Announcement*

Magazine Issue #3 is officially on sale now! If you haven't gotten your copy yet, don't miss out on all the hype for Set 5, the new storyline chapters, & more!

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Here's what players are saying about it:

"The magazines are getting better all the time! Love the story telling!" — Todd H.

"Great stuff! Magazine came today and I am blown away. The content, the teaser for the new set, all AMAZING. The first turn vortex pin badge is brilliant too :) Thanks guys!" — Jack C.

"The magazine is beautiful guys--holy moly! The Game Design talk is a very good way to introduce someone new if they're a first-time reader, since it basically gives an overview of the lay of the land. The Duel Puzzles also offer a fun break to reading!"
— Anthony S.

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