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Exodus TCG - FREE Booster Pack This Month!
May 01, 2019

Surprise! May's Entry Promo Isn't Actually A Card...'s a whole BOOSTER PACK! That's right, all through May 2019, you'll get 1 free Galaxy Tides booster pack just for entering a local tournament/booster draft OR with any purchase in our Online Store 😱

We'll always love surprising and spoiling our players and collectors, and hope you all enjoy the bonus this month 😉 We want you guys to use this time to help grow your collections, get some friends to start playing with you, and get your decks ready for Worlds! Exciting times are up ahead for the game, and things are just beginning to ramp up :)

So don't miss this chance to grab your cards (or pick up some new ones), gather your gaming pals, and start playing! Free booster packs and a whole world of good times are waiting for you.

(Ends 6-1-19.)
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Interested in playing competitively? Official Qualifier events for Worlds 2019 are coming up quickly! Check them out, and join one (the prize pool is epic!):


*Bonus Announcement*

The Crystal Forge story arc from Magazine Issue 2 has just been uploaded to the website, where you can now read it for free! Even if you've already read through it, the website version has a few, never-before-seen images woven throughout the story (maybe some future card art??)--so be sure to check it out!

Read The Crystal Forge Storyline


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