Crystal Forge Lore


Oh no! The Crystal Forge storyline is not available here yet. Storyline chapters are released in the latest Magazine issue before they're added here. You can still read it right away though by picking up Magazine issue #2.

See below.

(When Magazine issue #3 releases, the Crystal Forge storyline from issue #2 will be uploaded to this page. Magazines are released bi-annually, approximately 6 months apart. Issue #2 releases in April 2018, putting issue #3 in Fall 2018. So if you just can't wait that long to see what happens next, order a Magazine now :) The Crystal Forge lore is longer and more in-depth than ever, so you won't want to miss it!)

The 2nd Magazine issue kicks off full speed ahead with game design articles, competitive deck lists, a longer storyline section that'll make you wish this was an anime, spoilers of the next long-awaited booster set expansion, and a whole lot more! Comes with 1 exclusive card and official Exodus keychain sealed inside (exclusive Promo card cannot be found in the set or inside any other sealed Exodus product other than this Magazine issue #2).


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