Crystal Forge Lore

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Chapter 5

Crystal Cove

          “Crystallus, we are just 1.5 million kilometers away from taking the southern hemisphere,” said a Drifter cloaked in icy blue. Despite addressing his Guild’s leader, he gave no thought to formalities or posture when he spoke. 

Crystallus, Leader of Shardveil Guild

          “Excellent!” roared a muscular man levitating above an amethyst throne. “Nearly 1 million miles away from half of this planet being frozen; more than half of the battle is won!”
          “Yes,” agreed the lower Drifter, his breath visibly puffing out before him, “but the North-South Divide could prove somewhat difficult considering Skyborn occupies that area.”
          The temperature in the throne room suddenly dropped significantly despite already being below freezing. However, the Shardveil Drifter had no time to process the sudden downshift as he was hurled through the air into a pillar of ice, shattering it. He was grabbed by the collar of his robes before he could stand back up. “How DARE you question our imminent victory over the other Guilds, especially Skyborn,” spat Crystallus. He flung his cohort across the room again, pieces of pinkish-purple ice falling down around him. “Skyborn is finished! The Order already made sure of that. Not that those deer-people are any better. Oh, no; they’re nothing but animals and they’ll fall just as easily! 
          The downed Drifter sat up and placed a hand over his aching back, but he knew better than to try to stand up this time. Crystallus loomed over him once again. 
          “Any other doubts you want to share?” asked the broad Guild Leader.
          The lower rank shook his head.
          Crystallus leaned in closer so that the tip of the icicle protruding from his chest was at the man’s throat. “You have one job to do,” he said threateningly, “and I suggest you do it quickly. Lost progress will not be tolerated.” With that, he backed off, drifting back toward his cold throne. 

Shardveil Drifter

          “I know my freedom,” retorted the man, remembering Shardveil’s promise of a new life and a fresh start once the planet was frozen. He got up by levitating so as to not slip on the ice he was thrown against.
          “Your freedom must be earned!” shouted Crystallus, settling down atop the glowing armchair carved into the fortress. 
          The man considered what to say next. He knew he was talking to a war general. No amount of niceties would save him now, even if he wanted to use them. “I don’t see you out there contributing to freezing the landscapes.”
          Crystallus leaned back as the icicle sticking through his core grinded a deep wedge down the back of his throne. “Shardveil single-handedly outnumbers all of the other Guilds combined. We have more than enough help. Besides, I’ve kept busier than any of you realize contributing to the cause.”
          The man was surprised that no harm came to him again, so he ventured, “You need to send more of our people to give a final push as we overtake the equator. The second half of the planet will succumb to the cold much faster than the first, but we can’t risk having to retreat on this crucial part of the mission due to lack of concentrated numbers. You only have to give the command and—”
          “Our Guild is not weak!” exclaimed Crystallus, his Helver squeezed the crystal armrest until a chunk broke off. “You are not weak,” he added.
          The Drifter was nearly taken aback by the compliment. He knew what he signed up for. The end result would be worth it. It had to be. “There will be violence. Even what’s left of Skyborn will not go quietly.”
          “Yes, it’s unfortunate. There will be swelling. Tell them to put some ice on it.”
          “For those who choose to join our cause at the last minute, does the open invitation still stand?”
          Crystallus cocked his head in amusement as if it were the dumbest question he’d ever heard. “Be gone.”
          A damp fog abruptly rolled in to the frozen chamber. It suddenly disappeared almost as fast as it had appeared, and with it, Shardveil’s Guild Leader, Crystallus. The lower-rank Drifter stared blankly for a moment at the vacant throne before he, too, left Crystal Cove.