Exodus The Trading Card Game

The Exodus TCG is a 10-minute tabletop card game with rules simple enough for the youngest gamers to comprehend, and enough strategy for long-time card players to dive into and explore! With unique gameplay and mechanics that unite people of all ages and experience levels, and an uncommon design model behind the game and business, Exodus is revolutionizing the tabletop industry one set release at a time. 

Your Role As A Player

Exodus is a trading card game that uses special decks of cards (which are forged from stardust in the lore). In the game, players are known as Drifters, powerful humans who have the ability to fly and drift through portals from one landscape of the world of Eeventide to the next. As they travel and explore these landscapes, players use their decks to wage battle against other Drifters by summoning massive creatures to fight for them!

Our Guarantee 

Exodus The Trading Card Game is a collectible strategy game with intentional high value for players, collectors, and retailers alike. We hold our promise of "no banlist" and "no set rotation" so that you have full confidence in the cards you buy. Each new expansion/set release is guaranteed to be 100% new every time, so there's no worry of card reprints, and you get to enjoy every last new card that comes your way! 

Unique Mechanics 

In Exodus, card rarity doesn't just affect the collectors, but the avid players as well through the "rarity mechanic". Certain card effects in-game will target specific rarities (similar to how other cards will target a specified type of card). For instance, a Symmetry (effect card) might say "Each Common creature in play gains 1 energy." This makes it important to pay attention to the stars you see in the top right corner of every card, and plan how many of each card rarity you put in your decks. Don't forget to consider your opponents' cards as well and think about the different rarities and mechanics that might be in their decks! 

Beautiful, Original Artwork

Dozens of upstart fantasy artists from all over the world have illustrated for the Exodus TCG. We work with them personally to ensure our visions truly come to life and that there's a maintained quality throughout the cards that's both clean, and absolutely awesome! And so you can enjoy these illustrations, we made every Exodus card in full-art!

Immersive Storyline

Whether you're into game lore, or just like to focus on playing the game, Exodus is rich with storyline that reflects on every card. The ever-expanding story is free to read in the Storyline section, and new chapters are released first in the official Exodus Magazine issues. As you dive into Organized Play and participate in regular Exodus events, you as a player will be able to affect the game's lore based on the type of deck you play! Placing top in larger events may even earn you personalized rewards like custom Drifter artwork made in your likeness (which might also be turned into card art)!

More About The Cards

The Exodus TCG contains only 3 different types of cards that you'll use during gameplay:

Energy Cards – Energy is the most basic card type. It is what fuels each and every creature and determines how powerful they are. A single piece of energy is represented by a single energy card and is essentially worth 1 point or 1 mana. Each player must have a minimum of twenty (20) energy cards in their Energy Deck in order to play a game of Exodus.

Symmetry Cards – Symmetry cards are instant effect cards that put a twist on the game’s mechanics. They affect game-play in a positive way, negative way, or both. These kinds of cards can be crucial to the victory or turnaround of any game or match. Because all Symmetries are instant-speed, an unlimited amount can be played at any time on any player's turn, either on their own or in response to another action or effect.

Creature Cards – Finally, we have creature cards. Creatures are the main weapons that Drifters use to perform combat and deal damage during a duel. Not all creature cards have their own built-in abilities or written effects on them, however, the ability-less creatures are usually affected by other cards and combos (which is where that rarity mechanic often comes into play)! A creature cannot exist on the field without at least 1 Energy card behind it, and the more Energy on a creature, the stronger it is.

Learn More

All in all, Exodus The Trading Card Game is a unique, fast-paced TCG that can adapt to just about any gamer according to their playstyle and has something special to offer for everyone. Now that you know a few of the basics, jump in and check out the Official Rules and keep in touch with us on your preferred social media for updates, new content, and more!

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