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You now more than likely know from the About Page that the Exodus TCG is a simple-to-learn, fast-paced card game with some interesting aspects like card rarity playing into mechanics, and no banlists. But let's look deeper into some of the ideals that drive this game, along with the in-depth elements behind it that really make Exodus different from what's out there.

The Exodus card game is fully designed, published, and maintained by two people: brother-sister team Jake and Lexi Medina. We spent a large part of our childhood playing a countless amount of card games--everything from the big titles down to the lesser-known and now-out-of-print games. It was through playing so many TCGs and growing our love for gaming that we had the revolutionary idea to develop a game of our own; and not just for ourselves--but one to share with the world. We saw a definite need in the card game market for something innovative, fresh, and new--and with that in mind, we sat down and designed Exodus for a full year. 

Because of our background and experience with TCGs, we created a lot of Exodus' features and inner workings in foresight. 

Anyone who has ever played a trading card game knows just how rewarding it can be to play a clean and friendly, even competitive, match with a group of friends or family. Tabletop gaming is, in our opinion, one of the best ways to engage in peer-to-peer activity. It challenges, refreshes, and encourages the use of imagination! Sadly, one of the major drawbacks of most fun games is the tedious amount of time and effort it takes to learn how to play, let alone master the game. It may be of some consolation to hear that we’ve also found fault with games that have unnecessary and complicated rules, which simply take the joy out of playing.

As young people who grew up in the industry, we know how disappointing it is to hear that no one has the time to sit down and play a game or two with you when you ask. Everyone eventually realizes that almost no fantasy game can be learned and played in a short amount of time, especially if one or more of the players is a first-timer. Well, we’ve decided to eliminate all of that. We’re here to bring you a fast-paced trading card game like never before. No more excuses, no more tiring hours of trying to decipher the rulebook, and no more complaining from people who have never played before; just playing!

Average game time of Exodus, The Trading Card Game 5-10 minutes--no joke! Some might consider the game intimidating after taking a quick look at the art, but it’s really not. Don’t get us wrong, we love and even play other fantasy card games, but let’s face it: some of those games out there are as complicated as the artwork. With Exodus, The Trading Card Game, parents can no longer point out that they don’t have enough time to play with their kids. Everyone has a few extra minutes in their day!

Adults and kids alike play and enjoy the Exodus TCG!

So you know now that Exodus is simple to learn and fast-paced, but is that all there is? That's actually just the tip of the iceberg! Symmetries, which are the effect cards in the game, are all instant-speed, so you can play as many as you want whenever you want. There's no hand limit, field limit, or deck-outs when playing, so players get pretty much endless freedom with how and what they want to play. Starting from the second set in the game Galaxy Tides, certain cards will not only affect the types of other creatures, but the rarity as well!

The maximum number of cards is only 2, and there are no type restrictions, so you're free to mix your favorite Dragons, Angels, Shardfolk, Order, Treefolk creatures and more! You can also customize your creature-to-symmetry ratio and literally build any type of deck you desire. Creative freedom is all yours!

For those who are looking to submerse themselves in more than a casual game, fear not! The game is very much storyline driven. As the world of Exodus and the story expands, familiarizing yourself with the characters and fictional settings will help deepen your understanding of the game. Knowing the back-story can provide a richer gaming experience, but isn’t necessary. As previously mentioned, the game has a simple core, so you don’t need to memorize tons of outlandish words and phrases in order to understand what is on the cards.

Without going into too much detail, anyone can play a quick game of Exodus by following the Phases of a Turn model shown above.

1. Draw Phase – Begin your turn here by drawing three cards from each of your decks and remember to use any symmetry cards along the way (Symmetries can be used on any phase on any player's turn though).

2. Energy Phase – Play your energy from your hand onto the field.

3. Creature Phase - Play creatures from your hand onto any vacant piles of energy on your side of the field.

4. Attack Phase – Use your creatures to attack your opponent’s creatures and his or her life points (if possible).

5. End Phase – Announce the end of your turn.

Each player takes turns following this model until someone’s life points reach zero and the game is over. Any Exodus player could tell you just how fast these turns go. If a game is too short, bust out another one!

While most games take much time and effort, Exodus The Trading Card Game is fast and easy to learn. Anyone of any age can play this game of simple strategy and excitement!

If you haven't already, head on over to the Official Rules page to learn how the Exodus TCG is played in full!

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