Exodus Calendar

Below is the Exodus calendar of events. We will be adding to the list as we sign up to attend conventions. We demo out Exodus The Trading Card Game at:

  • Gaming Conventions
  • Anime Conventions
  • Toy Conventions
  • Gift and Trade Shows
  • Comic Cons

If you know of a convention going on in your area, please feel free to let us know about it (use the form at the bottom of this page). We are located on the west coast and attend as many conventions as possible.

Many of you have asked us to come to the east coast, know that we are working on it! There are not any east coast conventions currently on our schedule, but we are working at getting to the east coast within a year.

The Exodus booth is easily recognizable! Come play a game with Jake & Lexi

2018 Conventions

March 2018

  • ToyFest --- March 11-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada

July 2018

  • World Championship --- July 20-22nd, Fresno, California

August 2018

  • GenCon --- August 2nd-5th in Indianapolis, IN
  • Gateway --- August 31st-September 3rd, Los Angeles, CA

September 2018

  • Gateway --- August 31st-September 3rd, Los Angeles, CA
  • California Republic Comic Con --- September 15th, Merced, CA

October 2018

  • DJ's Collectible Shoppe  --- October 27th, Hanford, CA

2017 Conventions

January 2017

  • Toy, Game, Pop Culture Expo --- January 21st in Sacramento, CA

August 2017

  • GenCon --- August 17th-20th in Indianapolis, IN

September 2017

  • Gateway --- September 1st-4th in Los Angeles, CA
  • California Republic Comic Con --- September 16th in Merced, CA

2016 conventions

February 2016

  • Orccon --- February 12-15 in Los Angeles, CA

June 2016

  • Wizard World Comic Con --- June 17th-19th at the Sacramento Convention Center

August 2016

  • Gen Con --- August 4th-7th in Indianapolis, IN

September 2016

  • Gateway 2016 --- September 2nd-5th in Los Angeles, CA
  • Colossus Con --- September 17th in Merced, CA
  • Fandom Verse Expo --- September 23rd-25th in Lancaster, CA

October 2016

  • Classic Comic Con --- October 1st-2nd in Modesto, CA
  • Zapp Con --- October 15th-16th in Fresno, CA
  • Stockton Con --- October 30th in Stockton, CA

November 2017

  • Caruthers High School --- November 18th in Caruthers, CA

2015 Conventions

June 2015

  • Professor Toy --- June 13th in Fresno, CA 10am-3pm
  • Rage Con --- June 26th-28th in Reno, Nevada
  • Amazing Las Vegas Con --- June 19th-21st in Las Vegas, Nevada

July 2015

  • Western Con --- July 2nd-5th in San Diego, California
  • Gam3r Con --- July 8th-12th in San Diego California
  • Professor Toy --- July 25th in Fresno, CA 10am-3pm

August 2015

  • Stockton Con --- August 8th-9th in Stockton, California
  • Seattle Gift Show --- August 15-18th in Seattle, Washington
  • Professor Toy --- August 29th at the RiverPark store in Fresno, CA

September 2015

  • Fandomverse --- September 4th-6th in Lancaster, California
  • Strategicon --- September 4th-7th at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel (Our Rep, Steven will be there for you all).
  • Long Beach Comic Con --- September 12th-13th in Long Beach California
  • Professor Toy --- September 19th at the River Park store in Fresno, CA
  • Santa Rosa Toy Con --- September 26th in Santa Rosa, California
  • Toy Store Demo --- September 27th in Santa Rosa, California

October 2015

  • Zapp Con ---  October 17th-18th in Fresno, California
  • Professor Toy --- October 24th at the RiverPark store in Fresno, CA

November 2015

  • Paladin's Game Day --- November 22nd in Bakersfield, California
  • Professor Toy --- November 28th at the RiverPark store in Fresno, CA

December 2015

  • Professor Toy --- December 12th at the RiverPark store in Fresno, CA
  • Professor Toy --- December 19th at the RiverPark store in Fresno, CA

Use the form below to invite or tell us about a convention that you know about!

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