Example For The Exodus Card Game For Two Players

Example Game - Uncustomized Starter Decks

Here is an example game of the Exodus™ Trading Card Game for two players. The scenarios below represent legal moves and make use of actual cards from the Exodus Trading Card Game initial release set: Birth of Creation.

Today we have a one-on-one match. Joe and Taylor are combating for control of Starbluff Summit! Both Joe and Taylor take a seat at the table and pull their cards out of their deck boxes. Joe goes through his cards and puts all of his energy cards face-up in his Energy Deck zone. He then takes the remaining cards and shuffles them before placing them facedown next to the Energy Deck, in the Main Deck zone. Because Joe is so fast, he patiently waits for his friend to finish separating and preparing her deck.

As the two friends set up their playing field and shake hands, the card game for two begins!

Turn 1

in this card game for two

The card game for two starts and each player tallies up 10 Life Points on a piece of paper and draws their 6 card starting hand. The starting hand consists of 3 cards from the Main Deck and 3 cards from the Energy Deck.

Taylor: Taylor won the game of rock-paper-scissors and obtained the honor of going first. She skips her Draw Phase since it’s her first turn. She also keeps in mind that she won’t be able to attack this turn, since she’s going first.

Now, Taylor drew a common but pretty average starting hand. She drew three creatures and three energies. This gives her options. During her Creature Phase, she can play one, two, or all three of her creatures. Her opponent has an empty field, so she’s pretty safe doing whatever she wants for now. After skimming over the cards in her hand for a brief moment, Taylor goes right into her Energy Phase. One at a time, she places the three energy cards from her hand onto the field. She stacks them neatly and diagonally into a single 3-card pile that is face up. She has played all possible energy this turn, so that ends this phase.

She glances over at her opponent to make sure he’s paying attention as she continues her turn. She prepares to conduct her Creature Phase.

“Check this out!” exclaimed Taylor. With that, she places Density Dragon, a face-up creature, onto the pile of energy. “I play a three-energy creature for my first turn!” she announced.

Remembering she cannot perform her Attack Phase this turn, she checks her hand one last time before signaling the end of her turn.

Turn 2 in this card game for two players

Joe: It’s now Joe’s turn. After studying his hand, Joe likes what he sees. Aside from his energy, he has two creatures and a symmetry card. Let’s see what he does. He skips his Draw Phase since it’s his first turn as well. Wasting no time, he takes his 3 starting energies and places them on the field. He creates two piles. One pile has 2 energies and the other has 1.

Then, before moving any further, Joe announces the activation of his symmetry card. He places the symmetry card called Leech onto the field and narrates the text in the text box. This card’s useful effect allows him to leech off of the energy of his foe. He points at Taylor’s creature, the only option at this point, and makes her subtract one-energy from it and place the energy card back in her Energy Deck. Joe then takes one energy from his own Energy Deck and adds it to his pile of 1, making it 2.

Moving on to his Creature Phase, Joe plays both creatures out of his hand. With 2 two-energy piles on his side of the field, he plays one creature on each pile. He has now summoned his Heavenly Guardian and Divine Minister!

Thanks to the symmetry card Joe used, all of the creatures’ energy levels on the field are equal. This means that they all have the same amount of strength. Taking advantage of the first opportunity to attack, Joe enters his Attack Phase. Taylor scowls as Joe declares an attack against her beast.

“Divine Minister, attack her Density Dragon!” said Joe.

The two creatures enter battle and the outcome is immediately clear. Since both creatures have the same amount of energy, they are both destroyed. Each player puts the 2 energies back into their Energy Decks and discard their creatures to the Graveyard (located above the Deck Zone). With Taylor’s field cleared, Joe smiles as he uses his remaining two-energy creature to deal 2 points of damage to Taylor’s Life Points. Luckily, since Joe’s creature attacked his opponent’s life directly, it loses no energy from the attack! How great is that? The score is now 10-8, with Joe in the lead! Joe is left with no cards in his hand and signals the end of his turn.

Turn 3 in this card game for two players

Taylor: An irritated Taylor tries not to sweat her loss of points as she begins her second turn. She performs her Draw Phase by drawing three cards from her Energy Deck and three cards from her Main Deck.

This time, she was a bit luckier on the draw. She drew two more creatures and a symmetry card. Without forgetting to use her newly gained energy, she places all three energy cards onto the field in individual piles. Next, she plays a creature on each pile. Clock Dragon, Valforce, and Mistrai Dragon have all been successfully put into play!

While Joe takes a gander at the changed field, Taylor considers whether or not she wants to use the particularly powerful symmetry card in her hand. She decides it’s best to save it for later and proceeds into her Attack Phase.

Taylor declares combat against Joe’s creature. It would seem like a suicide mission, but Taylor makes her one-energy Clock Dragon attack Joe’s two-energy Heavenly Guardian. As this battle unfolds, keep in mind that creature damage is dealt at the exact same time.

Joe’s Heavenly Guardian loses one-energy and deals two damage back, as a result of battle. Taylor’s Clock Dragon is supposed to lose two energies, but it only possesses one. Since this is more than it can handle, it loses its one-energy and the creature is consequentially sent to the Graveyard.

Joe quickly realizes that Taylor’s sacrifice was but a small one as he catches on to her strategy. Taylor continues her Attack Phase with her remaining creatures.

“My Valforce will attack your Heavenly Guardian!” Taylor declared.

“Very well, it looks like we’re both destroyed,” replied Joe.

Joe is correct. Since both the Heavenly Guardian and Valforce are one-energy each, they are both dealt one damage and destroyed at the same time. The energies are cycled back into the Energy Decks and the creatures are removed from the field and sent to the Graveyard.

Joe is now defenseless and Taylor uses her last creature to deal 1 point of damage to Joe’s Life Points. The score is now 9-8, with Joe still in the lead. That ends Taylor’s turn.

Turn 4 in this card game for two players

Joe: Joe draws three more cards from his Main Deck and Energy Deck and adds the six cards to his hand. However, before he begins to do anything else, Taylor interjects.

“I use my symmetry card, Vortex!” Taylor explains as she places her symmetry card on the field.

Although it is Joe’s turn, Taylor is allowed to put symmetries into play during his turn, and vice-versa. In order to use this card, Taylor pays the penalty of one-energy from her only available source: her creature. The Energy Deck doesn’t count as a source because she hasn’t drawn those energies yet. The only time the Energy Deck is counted as a source is when a card permits you to “add energy”. Since this is her only creature in play and it only has one-energy, she discards it.

Now, Vortex’s effect occurs. Both players must immediately discard their entire hand and draw three new cards from their Main Deck.

This is bad news for Joe. He discards his entire hand and draws three new cards, but only from his Main Deck! That means all of that energy he gained at the start of his turn is now gone and has no energy to work with.

At the other end of the table, Taylor rejoices over her grand play and gaining of cards. Normally, she’d now be vulnerable to attacks with an empty field, but Joe has no energy to use this turn, so the event of him putting a creature into play is unlikely. The effect of Vortex has concluded and is sent to the Graveyard.

It’s still Joe’s turn and he has to do what he can to make it work. He stares at the three cards in his hand, seeking an option of some sort. He spots a single card that could be his saving grace.

Joe puts the symmetry card called Reevaluate into play and its effect is instantly activated.

This symmetry allows Joe to discard his entire hand and draw the same amount of cards from his Main Deck that he discarded. Joe does so and discards the two cards in his hand in hopes of drawing something better. Unfortunately for him, Joe pulled two more creatures from his deck, which are useless to him in the current situation. Reevaluate’s effect has occurred and it is sent to the Graveyard. Joe cannot do anything more, so he ends his turn.

Turn 5 in this card game for two players

Taylor: Taylor’s mood has completely turned around as she begins her turn. She draws three new cards from her Main Deck and Energy deck and adds them to her hand.

With an enormous 9 card hand, she performs her Energy Phase. She creates a three-energy pile on the field and goes right into her Creature Phase as she places a Skyward Slithe on top of the pile. Then she uses Energize, a symmetry card that allows her to add one energy to a creature or pile. She adds one energy from her Energy Deck to her newly summoned Skyward Slithe and discards the symmetry card to the Graveyard.

Taylor laughs crudely as she enters the Battle Phase with a whopping four-energy creature. A horrified Joe helplessly takes 4 points of damage to his Life Points as the Skyward Slithe attacks.

Taylor smiles and ends her turn. The score runs 8-5, Taylor leads in this card game for two.

Turn 6 in this card game for two players

Joe: Joe lets out a huge sigh of relief as he draws three more energy cards from his Energy Deck and three more cards from his Main Deck. The game isn’t over yet!

Deciding to go with the empty-hand tactic, Joe plans to use every card that he drew. He lays down his energy on the field: a pile of 3.

Next, Joe lays down two symmetry cards and activates them at the same time! These symmetries allow Joe to gain a free energy from his Energy Deck to start a new pile, and add one energy to a creature or pile. He takes two energies from his energy deck and adds one to his pile of 3, making it 4, and places the other one in a new pile, as instructed. Once executed, he discards the symmetries to his Graveyard.

Now Joe seeks revenge as he puts new creatures into play! He places his Celestial Starcaster onto the pile of 4 and his Benevolent Seraphim creature onto the pile of 1.

Just when things start looking brighter, Taylor decides it’s the opportune moment in this card game for two to activate another one of her symmetry cards. She plays Chains! Now, Joe cannot attack during this turn.

Joe is disappointed and forced to end his turn abruptly. The score is still 8-5, Taylor.

Turn 7 in this card game for two players

Taylor: Taylor draws and then proceeds into her Energy Phase.

She puts a pile of two-energy and a pile of one-energy into play. She then summons her beautiful Rose Slithe on the pile of two. Shortly after, she puts a menacing Slither Drake onto the pile of one.

Then, Taylor uses Leech, a symmetry we’ve seen before in this card game for two. She chooses to have Joe discard one energy from his Benevolent Seraphim, thereby destroying it. She adds one energy to her Skyward Slithe, boosting it to an overwhelming amount of five-energy!

Taylor continues to provoke her trembling opponent in this card game for two as she activates Reversion. Reversion causes Joe’s only remaining creature to return to its owner’s hand. All of the attached energy remains in play. The used symmetry is discarded.

Joe returns the favor by activating his own symmetry card. He activates the infamous Chains. This restricts Taylor from attacking this turn. Taylor is frustrated but ultimately safe. Her turn is over.

Turn 8 in this card game for two players

Joe: Joe draws. He starts a pile of three-energy. He puts his Celestial Starcaster back onto its original pile of 4. He proudly plays his Dimensional Desperado on the pile of 3.

Then he activates Blessing. Thanks to this symmetry card, he takes one energy from his Energy Deck and adds it to his Dimensional Desperado, pumping it up to 4.

Joe goes on a rampage and sends each of his four-energy creatures into battle in this card game for two. His Celestial Starcaster engages in a fight with Taylor’s Rose Slithe. The Rose Slithe is destroyed and Celestial Starcaster is left with two energies. Joe then commands his Dimensional Desperado to dispose of Taylor’s Slither Drake. Dimensional Desperado is left with three energies and Slither Drake is sent to the Graveyard. Joe ends his turn.

Turn 9 in this card game for two players

Taylor: “First thing’s first,” says Taylor. After she draws, she activates Cataclysm. This allows her to select and remove one energy from her opponent’s side of the field. She selects one energy from Joe’s Celestial Starcaster and makes him discard it. Celestial Starcaster is left with one-energy.

Taylor starts three new piles of one-energy each. She then places a creature from her hand on each. Taylor now controls: Skyward Slithe for 5, Calamity Dragon for 1, Darcrest Dragon for 1, and Oceano Dragon for 1.

As Taylor enters her Battle Phase, she orders Oceano Dragon to attack Celestial Starcaster. Since they’re both one-energy creatures, they’re both destroyed. Next, the mighty Skyward Slithe attacks Dimensional Desperado. Joe’s creature is destroyed and Skyward Slithe is left with two energies. Finally, Taylor’s two remaining creatures attack Joe’s life for 2 points. Joe’s life count is dropped to 3 and his field is left empty. Taylor ends her turn.

The score is 8-3, with Taylor leading.

Turn 10 in this card game for two players

Joe: Joe draws his usual three cards from each deck before moving on to his Energy Phase.

Joe lays down a pile of two-energy. Taylor wonders why he’s decided to keep one energy card in his hand, but assumes she’ll soon find out.

Joe then puts his creature, Harmonious Angel the Forthcoming, into play. He places it on the pile of two-energy and moves into his Battle Phase. Harmonious Angel the Forthcoming attacks Taylor’s Calamity Dragon. Harmonious Angel is left with one energy and Calamity Dragon is destroyed.

Before Joe chooses to end his turn, he activates the symmetry card titled, Unsummon. By paying one energy, he gets to select one creature on his opponent’s side of the field and send it back to its owner’s hand. Furthermore, all of the energy attached to that creature is destroyed. Joe discards the one energy from his hand and selects the obnoxious Skyward Slithe to return to Taylor’s hand. All of Skyward Slithe’s energy is discarded and sent back to Taylor’s Energy Deck. The turn is over.

Turn 11 in this card game for two

Taylor: Taylor goes to perform her Draw Phase, but can only draw three energy and two cards from her Main Deck. Since her Main Deck has run out, she draws the two cards that are available and then immediately stops what she’s doing to shuffle and recycle her Graveyard (discard pile) back into her Main Deck.

After she takes her face-up discard pile, shuffles it, and places it facedown in her Main Deck zone, she finishes her draw phase by drawing one more card. She adds the cards to her hand and moves on to her Energy Phase.

Before she lays down any energy, Taylor activates, Invoke. This wonderful symmetry lets her take one energy from her Energy Deck and use it to start a new pile on the field. Taylor does so and then adds two more energies to that pile from her hand, making it 3. Then she lays down her last energy card from her hand as a new pile of 1.

Taylor begins her Creature Phase by beckoning forth an Asteroid Dragon and placing it on the pile one 1. Next, she calls her Skyward Slithe back to the field and places it on the pile of 3.

Taylor enters her Battle Phase and pits her Asteroid Dragon up against Joe’s Harmonious Angel the Forthcoming. They are both one-energy and are both destroyed. Once both players have removed the destroyed creatures from the field, Taylor continues her assault with her Darcrest Dragon, which had been waiting patiently for the past couple of turns. It attacks Joe’s Life Points directly and deals 1 point of damage, since it has one-energy. Joe’s life total is dropped to 2 as Taylor continues the onslaught. Swiftly searching the cards in his hand for a counter-move, Joe’s heart sinks as his opponent makes the final attack in this card game for two. Taylor’s three-energy Skyward Slithe attacks directly for 3. That’s game.

End of the Card Game for Two Sample Game

The friends shake hands in recognition of a good game. Taylor smiles from ear-to-ear as she claims victory.

“Well, it looks like you’ll have to find a different dimension to call ‘home,'” remarked Taylor.

“Aw, c’mon! One more round?” asked Joe pleadingly.

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