Really Fun Games Of Exodus

The best way to experience really fun games of Exodus is to know all you can about this new and exciting game. This facts and questions page will answer some reoccurring questions that we have received. And if we haven't answered a question that you have, don't hesitate to ask us!

Q: Why are Exodus starter decks more expensive than starter decks in other games?

A: Because Exodus starter decks come with cards that have much more long-term value. Intro packs or starter decks in other TCGs don’t necessarily give you the best cards. You usually don’t have a choice but to go and buy more packs or lots of randomized boosters in order to get decent cards. This is not the case with Exodus, The Trading Card Game, as you can play really fun games without spending tons of money. Harmonized Decks (Exodus starter decks) give you good cards from the start. Unlike other games, you are not paying for the quantity of cards; you are paying for immediate long-term value and infinite replayability.

Other TCGs and CCGs cycle cards in and out with new sets, making older cards utterly useless. They also have banned and restricted lists, making the best cards unusable in tournaments. The Exodus Trading Card Game does not have banned or restricted lists and old cards don't cycle out with new expansions. This means any and all Exodus cards will always be usable, and, thanks to careful game design, playable in tournaments and other official events. Old cards will never become obsolete, allowing you to play really fun games over and over again. We only hire the best premiere fantasy artists from around the world, giving you cards with amazing artwork that we believe exceeds the standard of other games. This means the high-price artwork is factored into the cost, too. Additionally, the game is manufactured and printed in the U.S.A., so our production costs are higher than other games that choose to print in China.

Q: None of the creatures have any numbers or effects on them to indicate power, making them all the same. What is the point in having so many if they are all the same?

A: There are creatures with Abilities, but they are not found in Starter Decks because Starters already contain multiple high-tier symmetry cards. Even without effects, they still differ by creature type, which are important once you start mixing in cards from boosters. There are even card mechanics that affect rarity (like boosting Commons and weakening Rares)!

It is up to you, the player, to decide how powerful you want each of your creatures to be during a game by playing it on top of a pile of energy. A Dragon is a different type of creature than an Angel. We want you to pick and choose your favorite cards to build a deck with, which makes for really fun games. You no longer have to include a card in a deck with artwork you don't like just because you need it to stand a chance at winning. Just pick your favorite artwork and play (or go with a theme and use those effects to your advantage)!

Exodus Harmonized Starter Decks come with a fixed ratio of 13 creatures and 7 symmetries. You are more than welcome to change that ratio and experiment with more or less of certain kinds of cards. 13:7 is just the most balanced ratio that we found for Main Decks. Just remember, if you are playing with too many symmetry cards, you might not have enough creatures to ever hit your opponent’s Life Points, regardless of how much energy your creatures have. If your opponent just keeps putting out 3 or more single-energy creatures per turn, you will likely never be able to attack their Life Points directly, since each of your creatures can only attack once per turn. On the flip side, too many creatures and not enough symmetry cards in a deck could spell defeat. It’s up to you to find that perfect balance and create your own strategy for really fun games!

Q: As I’m reading through the cards, some of the cards like Vortex seem really overpowered. It’s an instant-speed card that is free to play. Isn’t it too powerful if I played this card during my opponent’s Draw Phase?

A: Symmetry cards are all instant speed, however, they aren't all "Free to Play" as you first said. If you read the Vortex symmetry card, note it costs 1 energy to play. That energy card can be paid from your hand OR your side of the field. You hit the nail on the head when you said it can be played during your opponent's Draw Phase, right after they draw a new hand of 6 cards, but because the effect is so good, you do have to pay a slight fee. On the other hand, you could draw all creatures, they could draw 1 or more symmetry cards, and still have a semi-effective turn. Likewise, Unsummon, which can be found in the Skyborn Deck, is sort of like the counter to Vortex, which also requires you to pay a fee of 1 energy, for the effect of essentially destroying any single creature on the field, no matter how many energy is attached to it. Also keep in mind that symmetry cards can be played as a response.

While it is true most symmetry cards are free to play, the better ones will require a cost or a fee to use them. Symmetry cards are supposed to put a huge twist on the game and give you a huge advantage, which is why games go by so quickly and the tide of a match can be turned ridiculously fast. Even if you're at 1 Life Point and your opponent is at 10, you can still win! This requires luck in terms of the draw and skill on the player's part by how they play their cards.

Q: What are your plans for new cards or expansions?

A: We are actively developing future expansions for the Exodus Trading Card Game. We have tons of new themes, concepts, stories, and mechanics that we would like to incorporate in the future, but we need the help of players, of people like you to help us get the game out there. Sharing Exodus, buying decks, buying boosters, life counters and playmats, and telling others about it all helps us to make new releases and make it one of the best really fun games on the market.


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