Become An Exodus TCG Emissary

Do you want to become an official Exodus TCG Representative called an Emissary? An Emissary's role is to help grow the game in your area. If you have the leadership skills and knowledge about the game, you are exactly who we want on our team!

In exchange for helping Exodus to become more widespread, you will get exclusive information and merchandise before the public release! You will build relations with your local players and have access to talking with the game creators who will listen to new ideas and your feedback.

Role includes:

  • Talk to game shop owners and ask them to order from our distributors
  • Demo Exodus at game shops and build awareness on an ongoing basis
  • Regularly organize, host, and run tournaments and booster drafts
  • Report tournament and draft results and submit pictures of events
  • Provide player feedback to us 


  • Special content and info before new releases 
  • Exclusive promo items (Emissary playmats, promo cards, etc.)
  • Official T-shirt

Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you after reviewing your application!

Exodus TCG Emissary Application

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
Exodus player
Parent of a player
Store owner/employee
I've never played the game before.
I know the basic rules from Starter Decks.
I have a moderate understanding of the game rules and card rulings.
I know the game rules and SOME of the advanced card rulings such as the Playback rule.
I know ALL of the rules; I've studied them more than my homework!
Just my local game store.
Anywhere in my city.
Anywhere in my state.
Anywhere within my region.
I strongly agree
I neither agree or disagree
I strongly disagree
I strongly agree
I neither agree or disagree
I stongly disagree
I'm very organized and keep track of everything.
I try my best to stay on top of things.
My room is a mess, but I'm pretty neat in public.
Everything around me is a complete mess...O.K. I rot.
Yes; everyone will know what I have to say!
I voice my opinions when appropriate and/or necessary.
I will speak out only when others have questions.
I don't like to speak my mind or give my input very often.
Silence is golden.
Carry through with the original attack.
Change attacker and/or attack target.
Stop attacking altogether.
Any of the above.
It returns to their hand.
It activates anyway.
It goes to the graveyard unresolved.
It stays on the field and can be used later.
I don't know.
I strongly agree
I neither agree or disagree
I strongly disagree
Confidence is my middle name!
I am somewhat confident.
I am not very confident.
I am shaking just reading this question!
Super competitive! Go big or go home!
Everyone's here to have fun; prizes are secondary.
A mix of competitive spirit and friendly encouragement towards all players.
Let players establish their own environment.
I'm just organizing this to reap my own rewards! Honesty is the best policy :)
The store owner at the event location.
The Tournament Organizer (me).
My friend who's there to help out.
Existence Games.

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