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Existence Games releases a new Exodus TCG promotional card every month! This card will be the entry promo obtained at official tournaments and events. Register or Sign In to Organized Play below!

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Card Name: Uncharted Territory

Type: Symmetry

Effect: Select 2 of your Common creatures in play and move an energy from one to the other. If both were multiple Types, move an additional energy between them.

Card Name: Nebulawood Barrier

Type: Symmetry

Effect: Put a creature from your hand into play on a blank pile of energy on your field.

Card Name: Drifter's Beginning

Type: Symmetry

Effect: Select a Rare creature on your field with no Ability. This turn, you may have it attack 2 opposing Rare creatures at once (divide the damage your creature deals however you like between the 2 opposing creatures; it receives damage from both opposing creatures).

Card Name: Mortarbloom Liege

Type: Creature - Treefolk

Effect: When this creature is put into play except by a summon, each player reveals the top 2 cards of their Main Deck.

Card Name: Tethered to Eeventide

Type: Symmetry

Effect: If you have only 1 Life Point left, destroy an opponent's creature and all energy attached to it.

Card Name: Handbell Dancer Gravitas

Type: Creature - Order

Effect: During the turn this creature is put into play except by a summon, your opponent's creature Abilities cannot activate.

Card Name: Glimpse of the Sanctuary

Type: Symmetry

Effect: Each player may have a blank pile on their field gain 1 energy. Then, you may draw 1 card from your Main Deck.

Card Name: ?

Type: ?

Effect: ?

More promos to be announced--stay tuned!