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2018 Monthly Promos

Existence Games releases a new Exodus TCG promotional card every month! This card will be the entry promo obtained at official tournaments and events. Register or Sign In to Organized Play below!

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Card Name: Conquered Landscape

Type: Symmetry

Effect: When this card is played, it remains on the field until its effect has occurred. At the end of your Attack Phase, if you have Order-type creatures in play while your opponent doesn't have any creatures in play, you may look at your opponent's hand and discard 1 card from it.

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Card Name: Carter, Champion of Cardsmithing

Type: Symmetry

Effect: Pay 1 Life Point. Each Player may select 1 card from their graveyard and add it to their hand.

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Card Name: Timeless Angel of Eternity

Type: Creature - Angel

Ability: Eternal Echo - When this card is destroyed by battle, send it to your hand instead of the graveyard.

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Card Name: Shackled Silencer, Skyborn's Regret

Type: Creature - Angel

Ability: Raging Release - When one of your Angels is attacked, you may put this creature from your hand into play on a blank pile on your field and have it gain 1 energy. Then, it battles alongside your Angel against the attacking creature. Each creature deals and receives damage simultaneously.

Contents: 5 cards (3 Common, 1 Uncommon, & 1 Foil [either Uncommon/Rare/Secret Rare])

Set: Galaxy Tides

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For the month of May 2019, get a FREE Galaxy Tides booster pack in place of an entry promo at tournaments/booster drafts! Any order from the online store (excluding magazines) will also come with 1 Galaxy Tides pack! Use this to help grow your collection, get some friends to join the game with you, and prepare your deck for Worlds 2019 :) 

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