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Be the First to Get a New Promo Card (In Foil!) with 15% OFF Store-Wide!
November 28, 2019

It's Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale Time!

The Holidays and shopping madness have begun,! And we've got you covered this weekend with all your TCG needs :) Check out our sweet deals available, and get a first look at some newly-released, exclusive alternate-art promo cards!

Enjoy a hearty 15% off EVERYTHING in our Online Store from now thru Cyber Monday, AND get a playset of the new December Promo Card with any order!

The great deals don't stop there, however...

We've revamped our famous Starter Set Package, giving you options for decks and magazines, as well as added in EVERY promo card from 2019--in addition to the huge bundle of 2018 promos that were in there before. Crazy good, right?! 😱 It still doesn't end there. This package, along with all package deals in our Online Store, will ALSO come with an all-new foil, alternate-art "Silent Irregularity" promo!

Be sure to jump on this quick; the 15% discount and bonus "Silent Irregularity" will only be available until midnight on 12-1-19.

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Curious about that alternate color Chrono creature? It's actually 1 out of 4 in an exclusive series of alternate-art creatures from Set 5 (The Dimension That Disappeared). You can see the other 3 up close and read more about them in the latest Organized Play News Column. The best part about this announcement, though?

You can be among the first to get a playset of all 4 alternate-art cards with the purchase of any booster case from our store!

Offer Available Until Midnight on 12-1-19.

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Promo of the Month - Dec 2019

Card Name: Sunken Revenant

Type: Creature - Treefolk

Ability: Depths of the Unseen - When this creature enters play, your graveyard becomes hidden to opponents until the end of your next turn. When this creature attacks, reveal your graveyard.

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Friendly reminder that a playset of this card will be yours with ANY order in our Online Store from now through the end of December, so take the opportunity to snag this promo up, split a package with some friends, check some gifts off your list, or treat yourself this holiday season 😁

Stay warm, Drifters, and Happy Shopping this weekend!

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