New Games For Kids & Adults:
Exodus The Trading Card Game!

Introducing to the list of new games for kids and adults, Exodus The Trading Card Game! This upcoming game has easy rules, fast game-play, and fantastic art that kids, teenagers, and adults alike will love.

What is Exodus?

Exodus is a trading card game that uses special decks of cards. In the game, players are known as Drifters, powerful humans who have the ability to fly and drift through portals from one landscape of Eeventide to the next. As they travel and explore these landscapes, players use their decks to wage battle against other Drifters by summoning massive creatures to fight for them!

The Exodus Trading Card Game is a collectible strategy game that uses cards to bring the action to the table. Each deck is totally unique to the game. These decks are fully customizable as new cards and sets will be added through future expansions, making it one of the best new games for kids and adults.

In collectible trading card games such as Exodus, players can pick and choose their favorite cards to use for their deck. This is accomplished through the means of deck-building. Aside from just finding and using your favorite cards, another important factor in deck-building is strategy. Picking cards that work well in conjunction with the rest of your deck is the key to expanding on strategic game-play and finding new ways to win. The task of deck-building can be made easier by trading cards with friends or by simply buying new packs.

Exclusive, breathtaking artwork is featured on each individual card, whether it depicts a fantastical creature or a beautiful landscape with a mesmerizing design. Since each player starts with only 10 Life Points, games go fast and dueling with your friends has never been so exhilarating!

This new game for kids & adults has an average game time of only 5 minutes!

Now that you know what Exodus is, you may be wondering, "What makes this different from other new games for kids and teens?" You may also be wondering about some of the intriguing themes and mechanics that drive the game. As indicated earlier, the game’s imaginary themes and fictional settings revolve around the players exploring many different areas. These environments, as unique and extreme as they may be, are all contained within a single world known as Eeventide. Dimension portals serve as doors or shortcuts for players from one side of the planet to the next while battling or exploring.

As they embark on this great journey, known as the Exodus, they will put to use their skills of globetrotting and feed their curious thirst for knowledge. Along the way, they may run into other competitive Drifters or be challenged by ferocious, territorial creatures. It is in these scenarios that they will wield their trusty decks of cards into battle. There are three different types of cards in the Exodus TCG and they each play a significant role.

Energy Cards – Energy is the most basic card type. It is what fuels each and every creature and determines how powerful they are. A single piece of energy is represented by a single energy card. Each player must have a minimum of twenty (20) energy cards in his or her deck in order to play a game of Exodus.

Symmetry Cards – Symmetry cards are instant effect cards that put a twist on the game’s mechanics. They affect game-play in a positive way, negative way, or both. These kinds of cards can be crucial to the victory or turnaround of any game or match.

Creature Cards – Finally, we have creature cards. Creatures are the main weapons that Drifters use to perform combat and deal damage during a duel. Fictionally speaking, in the world of Exodus, creatures roam freely. But Drifters also carry a deck of cards that contain creatures of their own. On Eeventide, cards aren't printed on paper or cardboard, but are forged from stardust. In the storyline, Drifters gifted with the ability to piece cards together from stardust are known as cardsmiths. In a duel, creatures are driven by energy cards which are strategically placed on the field.

That’s it! You know the basics. Now that you know the foundation of the game, you can head on over to the Rules section and read the official rulebook to get started. What are you waiting for? Grab a friend, a couple of decks, and start playing. The world of Eeventide and a series of guilds are beckoning you!

Order your decks from this website or go to your local game store and ask them to start carrying Exodus. Most distributors have access to this new game for kids and teenagers!

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