Exodus TCG Event Kit

One Event kit will supply you with 1 month's materials for 2 Tournaments and 2 Booster Drafts to help you promote Exodus The Trading Card Game!

  • Each Tournament will include: (12x) entry Promo cards, (1x) Champion playmat for 1st place, (3x) sets of 2 LE Sketch cards for top 3, and (3x) randomized Raffle cards.
  • Each Booster Draft will include: (6x) 20-card Energy Decks, (6x) sets of 3 entry promo cards, (6x) Galaxy Tides booster packs for top 4, and (4x) LE sketch cards for top 4.

NOTE: Galaxy Tides Drafts will come with a set of 3 entry promos per player, while Converging Chasms drafts will only include 1 entry promo per player. This is due to the fact that Galaxy Tides is creature-heavy set and requires the extra promo cards to make decks more playable during draft rounds.

Your Event Kit will also include a Tournament/Draft sheet listing all materials, how to distribute them, and basic rules for running tournaments and drafts. Note: All playmat designs and sketch cards will be randomized. Entry Promo card will be the most recent/current card available. Please let us know if you have any requests or would like to edit the Event Kit according to your needs. 

$50.00 per Event Kit + $10 shipping

NOTE: The above image is simply a sample of what you will receive. Actual promo cards, prize cards, and playmats will vary.

**IMPORTANT: By ordering an Event Kit, you hereby agree not to sell the kit or any materials, prizes, or product contained herein.  Any retailer/shop/organizer found violating the rules and regulations will be subject to a penalty from Existence Games.

• Please do not order a kit if you are unable to comply with the aforementioned rules and regulations.

Once your order is placed, we'll have your Exodus Event Kit in the mail to you within 24 hours! Expect your kit to arrive in 2-3 business days from the mail-out date.

$50.00 + shipping

Exodus TCG Event Kit

Week 1 Event:
Week 2 Event:
Week 3 Event:
Week 4 Event:

Exodus TCG Demo Kit

Order an Exodus Demo Kit so that you can demo the game at your store. Each kit contains 2 demo decks and a few random booster cards to further customize the demo and test out the rarity mechanic.

*NOTE: Demo decks are not for resale. They are strictly for the purpose of teaching customers the game and building interest. All demo decks will be marked "DEMO" and will come already un-shrink-wrapped and ready to use.


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