Who Is Existence Games?

Exodus the Trading Card Game is fully designed and published by some of the industry's youngest game makers, Jake and Lexi Medinaotherwise known as Existence Games.

From a Kitchen Table Dream to Reality

     Back in 2011, a young brother and sister sat at the kitchen table and sighed over their collection of TCGs. "This one takes too long to play—there's never enough time for it", "I can't get any of my friends to play that game 'cause they don't understand it", "this game's too expensive", "all my cards are obsolete in that game" … the list went on. And bigger yet was a list of things that we always wanted to see in a trading card game, or things that could be done differently and built upon. As we talked with countless other tcg players over the years, a reoccurring theme was that we weren't alone in the aching for something fresh in the industry—and chances are, you're one of us too. We've felt and experienced the struggles of the tabletop industry, and have been in your shoes … and one day, we decided to do something about it.

And thus, Existence Games and the Exodus TCG were born.

Not Your Typical TCG Company

As avid gamers ourselves, we built our company and designed our flagship game out of love for tabletop gaming. We're using our full-time business and career as a means of bringing people back to that fun heart and core of playing TCGs again. We're very conscious of the importance of player feedback, and always strive to make sure our customers have a voice, and that their words never fall on deaf company ears. It's our belief that being transparent, honest, and having open communication with our players will always make for both a happier company and a happier fanbase.

A New Generation that's Here to Stay

A huge part of our design process is simply taking the time to do things right (i.e., never rushing projects or cutting corners just to release something new a little earlier). We firmly believe in putting our best foot forward and delivering products or service of the upmost quality wherever we can. It's all about making YOU, the player, happy when you see our game, and excited to sit down and play a match again.

We're in the gaming industry after all—everybody should be having fun!

It's never been our goal to take down or replace any other card game company, but rather, we offer the Exodus TCG as a safe alternative and fresh new option to the tabletop gaming world. If you're like many others and looking to try something innovative, new and original, but still want those great thrills of classic TCG gamingthen high fives all around, 'cause we're here for you! 

Join us on this epic journey, and become a part of the next gen of trading card games!

Meet the Game Creators

Jake Medina

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Lexi Medina

" I like to say that I was still eating off kids menus when the idea for Exodus first began. This game has grown with me—and I with it—all through jr. high, high school and beyond, up 'til present day. Time flies by so fast, and it already feels like ages ago that'd I'd do school work in the mornings and early afternoons, then transition into business work for the rest of the day and night. Even after I graduated and took this on full-time, I still dove into marketing courses to try and learn as much as I could and push our brand further.

Through so much love and support, we've made this dream of ours come true, and continue to put those hours in every day so that another person can discover a bit of light in this industry again. 

While my brother is more on the mechanical side of things, I lead up and take the most joy in art direction for the game (including illustrating a few cards myself!); as well as web design, packaging/product design, marketing and social media, video production, and just about anything else visual. "

It's our hope and prayer that you find a welcome place in our community, and join the grand Exodus into the surreal world that we've built from our hearts. We thank and cherish everyone who's had a hand in this and helped make Existence Games and the Exodus TCG possible. Here's to many more epic years.

Play on!