Limited Offer

If you've made it to this page, that means you've got exclusive access to one of the best Exodus TCG offers ever! We're excited to make this deal available to you, and hope that you thoroughly enjoy and get the most of it!

• With the purchase of 1 Galaxy Tides booster case, you'll receive not one, but TWO SR "Alana the Star Formation" cards (one of which will be signed by the artist herself, COCOs)! (Only about 3 signed versions have ever been put into circulation thus far!!) Additionally, you'll get an official Galaxy Tides Uncut Sheet signed by the game creators!

• We're giving a 5% discount (and shaving an additional extra off the price) making your total only $475 (Booster cases are usually $503.88, and don't include the bonus items in this offer.) Free shipping + zero tax!

IMPORTANT: This offer is available to the first 10 people who purchase!

Limit of 2 purchases per person for a possible 2 different uncut sheets (Galaxy Tides sheet & Crystal Forge Sheet) and 2 artist-signed SR Alana cards (a playset!).


Still Considering?

Here's why this deal is so special:

       - $475 may seem like a lot to dish out at first, but don't turn the other way just yetlet's break it down so you can see exactly what you're getting. For what you pay, you get 12 sealed booster boxes, each of which contains 12 packs +2 box toppers (and every booster pack has 5 random cards). That's a whopping total of 744 cards for your collection!

       - A booster case already guarantees 1 SR "Alana the Star Formation", but with this offer, we're including a SECOND copy for FREE that also boasts the artist's signature.

       - We're even throwing in a full Uncut Sheet of Galaxy Tides (which contains every card in the set + a few extra cards from the first set)! It's important to note that we usually only give out Uncut Sheets to retailers, but this is a heck of a special offer dedicated to our players :)

       - An un-signed SR Alana averages an $80 price, but one of these cards WITH an artist signature will go well over $100. (And you're getting one of each!)

       - We've never made a discount like this before (5% off cases + AWESOME bonus items that we don't normally give away). This exclusive booster case deal probably won't be coming around again, so this is your opportunity to get the snag of the year from us!

       - Finally, as with all Exodus TCG cards, every card you get in this purchase will have lasting value, as we're committed to never reprinting cards in future sets or implementing ban lists. You have our 100% guarantee that the cards you buy will be just as playable 5-10 years down the road!

Don't quite have the cash? Split the cost with a friend and crack open a case together! Gaming is all about community, right?


Thanks a bunch for your support, treasured Exodus player! We'll take special care to get this package in the mail to you and have it arrive safely :) We hope you have loads of fun with this!