Birth of Creation Lore

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Chapter 2

Portals are appearing everywhere on Earth. They are massive doors that lead to a new planet full of awe and beauty. They’re popping up left and right, in the streets and in the skies. The reason as to why these liquid doorways are appearing is a mystery no one can explain, at least, not until they discover where they lead. They all lead to one place: Eeventide. But Eeventide is a huge planet full of wonder.

The portals, also known as floating whirlpools of color, are taking in massive amounts of people. Boys and girls everywhere are making the journey to Eeventide, starting their adventure as a Drifter. Now, the time is yours.

Eeventide. This is the world you step foot on. As you wade through a crystalline pool of shifting color, you emerge only to find your feet dangling, floating over one of many beauteous landscapes.

Eeventide welcomes you as a blizzard and a firestorm collide before your eyes. Lands of extreme beauty and terrible danger attempt to swallow each other, climates changing within mere feet of the others.

You claim your title as Drifter as you lean forward, propelling yourself onward by some unseen force. Peering up, you notice a war waging on the skyline between creatures of Dragons and Angels. One of them plummets toward you in the form of a shooting star.

A strange, otherworldly metal begins to form on one of your arms, binding itself permanently to your skin. The word “Helver” comes to mind, along with “contraption.” At a single wave of your metallic arm, stardust from the fallen star takes on the shape of a card. Landing in your bare hand, your gaze falls upon the face of the card that depicts the creature you saw in the sky only moments ago.

As you place the card into a slot on your Helver, brilliant runes begin to glow. Traces of energy run up and down your Helver as the strange contraption transforms and takes shape of part of the creature.

With a creature at your command and a weapon of your own, you continue your glide over the mysterious world, and into the beauty and chaos known as Eeventide.

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