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(Set 4) Converging Chasms Set List

It’s finally here! Exodus’ 2nd Booster Expansion / 4th overall set is on the horizon! We at Existence Games have never been more excited for a release … and you’re about to find out why. As the game creators, we’re naturally stoked for every product we put out to you, but it’s honestly an understatement when we say that Converging Chasms is going to be Exodus’ best set yet. So without further ado, here’s a few things to know about CC:

1. The Overall Strategy / Combo Levels Have Stepped Up … A Lot

We knew when designing this expansion and fully know that when you first see some of these cards, you’re probably going to think “holy moly, that’s overpowered!”. But fear not. We’re true to our word when you see our banners and online slogans that say “No Ban List” written all over it (we play-tested the daylights out of this set). The fact is that a lot of the cards in CC are bringing in new strategies, new ways to play, and new types of combos that have never been in the game before—so of course they’re going to be a little shocking, maybe even a bit ridiculous-sounding, but hopefully very exciting!

2. This Is The Biggest Expansion Yet

Set 4 is a whopping 91-card expansion (113 if you count both foil / non-foil versions of Uncommons), and this includes Secret Rares and the ever-mysterious Harmony Rares. The pack-out ratios are going to be similar to Galaxy Tides (3 Commons, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Foil that can either be an Uncommon, Rare, or Secret Rare). The main difference though, is that there’s more to collect in each Rarity, and more Secret Rares to find this time around (8 SR’s total)—but you’ll get them a little more often than you did in Galaxy Tides. In GT, there were 2 possible SR’s to get: “Efil The Everlasting Empress” (which came as a fixed box-topper) & an altered-color “Alana The Star Formation” (1 in every case / 12 booster boxes). Converging Chasms is going to offer 3 Secret Rares per case / 12 booster boxes (but remember: there’s more than 1 to hunt down)!

Set Contents:

-          27 Commons

-          22 Uncommons

-          31 Rares

-          8 Secret Rares

-          3 Harmony Rares

3. We've Packed In Some Good Surprises / New Features

While we can’t quite detail them all, we can at least touch on a few of the all-new aspects coming with Set 4. ICv2 got the word first (read their article on CC here), that there will not only be a new foil pattern and color in Converging Chasms, but Secret Rares will get their own unique 3D / raised-foil texture! This is obviously something the Exodus TCG hasn’t yet had up until this point, so we can’t wait to see and hear what you guys think of it!

We designed CC to be optimized for Booster Draft format, which means there’s now going to be cards with effects in every Rarity tier (yes, that’s right—Commons finally get some effects)! (Notice we said “effects” … not “abilities”.)

While Treefolk, Shardfolk, and even Dragons, Angels, and Order all get more support in Set 4, we slipped in a few new types for you to look for… If you’ve read the latest Storyline chapters in Magazine Issue #2, then you may already know what one of these types is! 

And finally … the Harmony Rares. Every Drifter wants to know what these could possibly be—they’re higher tier than Secret Rare after all, so what could be more advanced than a raised-foil card? We could give you some details … but we really want to keep it a surprise, since we’re confident it’s going to blow you guys away ;) What we can tell you, however, is that you can get 1 of the 3 Harmony Rares in each Booster case, as a case-topper. We understand that seems like a high purchase-point to get 1 card, but trust us—you’ll more than get your money’s worth on 1 of those Harmony Rares. And well … let’s just say they’re the cards that keep on giving. 

4. For The Lore Lovers

“The planet is dismantling itself, afraid of—something.” As the tension builds between each of the 5 currently-standing Guilds in Exodus’ Storyline, the planet of Eeventide has begun reacting to the recent world events. Most Drifters have suspected and come to fully believe that Eeventide itself is alive, and may even have a will of its own … but what could it be stirring up? Additionally, the abundant portals that are ever-present throughout the landscapes have begun colliding, causing mini catastrophes and dimensional rifts. There’s no telling what could come from this, all while the Shardveil and Treeforge Guilds continue their tug-of-war over freezing and thawing the planet’s surface, the Skyborn Guild rebuilds its forces, Dragonis mysteriously continues their resource-mining and data collecting, and the Order Guild revels in their victory over tearing down Skyborn.

Catch up on the current Storyline if you haven’t already, keep an eye out for new chapters in the next Magazine issue, and check out how the rich lore seeps into each of the cards in Set 4!

5. The Dream Set

We’ve been saying from the start of the design process all the way up to the present that Converging Chasms is what we’d call our “dream set”. What this means is that content-wise, we’ve packed in everything we wanted this expansion to be (and then some), incorporated new design and production elements (like 3D foils) that we could only ever hope for in the past, visually brought the world to life more than ever before, and are thoroughly proud of this expansion, as it’s even surpassed our own expectations now that it’s ready to go out into the world! 

We hope you’ll agree on all these points as well as find your own aspects to the set that you personally enjoy :) It’s from the bottom of our hearts that we thank you for your support, and are more excited than words can tell for you to get this new expansion in your hands. With great pleasure and tremendous gratitude, we present to you: Converging Chasms.


(Set 4) Converging Chasms Booster Expansion

Booster Box

Booster Case

By ordering 3 cases at a time, you'll guaranteed get 1 of each of the 3 possible Harmony Rare case-toppers.

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